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Effective Human Givens Therapy - no need to keep going over it!

Would you like to simply move forward, once and for all deal properly with trauma, stress and related issues such as anxiety, OCD, poor sleep, unhealthy choices?  Help yourself to feel in control of your life, reduce over thinking, sleep better by contacting Elaine and find out more about the science based, practical approach of Human Givens...

Online and In-Person appointments are available.

Relaxing and elevating

Elaine Curtin, owner of, offers Human Givens counselling and support which means an effective and focused approach is available to you, loved ones, your employees or group. Specialising in quick and effective trauma work, sleep improvement and helping clients regain a sense of control on their own terms. 

Quickly resolving and surrounding issues caused by trauma, PTSD, phobias, anxiety, addictive behaviours, insomnia, anger management, grief and depression. 

Elaine uses the Human Givens approach to help clients to overcome emotional and mental health difficulties. This approach makes it possible for a cleint to get their life working again – quickly – without the need to unduly dwell on the past.


ELEVE has been created so you can book time with Elaine to understand and move on from difficulties, such as, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, phobias and addictive behaviour, and have more success getting your life running as you would like it to. All of this is through utilising the highly effective Human Givens approach.

Elaine Curtin
Human Givens Qualified

About Elaine

Originally from Ireland, Elaine has lived in the UK for more than thirty years. She holds a BA Degree in Psychology and has been trained by and is a Graduate member of the Human Givens Institute, and is fully DBS checked.


Over the years she has become an increasingly keen advocate of the Human Givens approach as it is both a practical and effective framework to better understand ourselves and our emotional health and therefore transform our lives and achieve our goals.


Human Givens therapists know that we can all improve our emotional wellbeing, and mental health. We can all discover - through learning and accessing our own resources and strength - how to keep calm and think clearly, and take back control of our lives.


All of Elaine's professional life is underpinned by a belief in calmly and confidently facing and overcoming challenges. Human Givens has enabled her to find a way of sharing this understanding with clients. She knows that knowledge and understanding of oneself and our innate emotional needs makes it possible for us to transform our lives.


Elaine’s experience as a Human Givens therapist has been enhanced by working with clients of all ages and backgrounds and helping them to overcome trauma, anxiety and depression. You can see what her clients have had to say by clicking here.

How to contact us

Eleve for business

Eleve can also work for business and ensure that your organisation and employees are motivated and benefit from less stress in the workplace. Elaine can present our approach and work within your team to enable a positive, healthy workforce.


Elaine has the benefit of working within the UK business environment for over thirty years, dealing with clients, staff, managing and running events and working in management teams dealing with diverse organisations across a number of sectors.

Contact today to arrange an appointment

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