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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect from our first meeting?

Elaine aims to help you feel as comfortable as possible with her from the very first session and appreciate that it can take courage to come and talk to someone you haven’t met before.


In your first session you’ll be asked to complete one or two forms and we’ll explain a bit about session confidentiality.


Elaine will then want to find out what has brought you to see her and you’ll be able to tell her what you would like to change or be able to manage better. This will help her to understand exactly what you need from your session/sessions.


Elaine may give you some helpful explanations about why you might be feeling the way you are, and teach you some simple relaxation techniques to help you feel calmer straight away so that you can begin to think more clearly and work out how to take some control. Together you and Elaine will work out what strategies to use to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible and will often agree on the first steps you can take after this session to make a difference to how you feel and how you are coping.


How soon will I begin to feel better?

With Human Givens, our aim is always to help you start feeling better from our very first session. Most people find that within a few sessions they have been able to notice improvements and changes, as they deal with past difficulties and learn new strategies for managing their lives and start being able to thrive rather than just survive.


How many sessions will I need to come for?

Most clients find that they can achieve what they need to in four to six sessions, but depending on your circumstances you may need less or more. We will decide together after each session whether you need to come again, so your treatment will not be unnecessarily lengthy or expensive.


How can you help if I can’t change my circumstances?

If your circumstances can’t be changed, we will help you develop useful skills so that you can manage your situation in the best possible way. When you feel calmer and stronger and your own needs are being better met, it is easier to cope with problems and ongoing challenges.


Sometimes you only need to make one or two small changes to make a real difference and as you alter your responses to your situation or to the people around you, this can create a new, more helpful dynamic.

How do I book an appointment?

Simply go to the contact page on here [link].

What is different about Human Givens Therapy?

Human Givens Therapy takes into consideration all the elements that make your life work better – the physical, emotional and mental components of wellbeing.


It draws on the findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function. It also draws on international research studies that have established which counselling techniques are most effective. We do not waste time endlessly asking you to go over and analyse the past, or attempting to dredge up real or imagined miserable memories. (Research now shows this tends to confuse and upset people, and embed the memories more deeply, giving them more power over the present.)

We offer practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now.

If you have a question or are unsure about whether therapy or counselling is right for you, please ask Elaine

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