"Elaine has been a Godsend! We have done some trauma work on
 events of over twenty years ago. She has helped me with my
 confidence and I now go out more, and drive with more 
confidence. I have learnt breathing exercises and these have
 helped a lot when I'm feeling anxious. And she does the most
 amazing relaxation techniques."
54yr old woman, trauma and long term anxiety


"I was a daily smoker for about 15 years. I didn't have a 20-a-day habit, but knew I felt dependent, particularly to help me sleep. I saw Elaine initially to break my dependence on smoking to help me relax and sleep. Elaine showed me breathing exercises, which helped immensely. This meant when I felt I 'needed' a cigarette, I could calm my mind with the exercises and the moment of 'craving' soon passed. I then realised that I wanted to stop altogether. Within a matter of weeks, I cut down, and then stopped. It's been five weeks now and I realised I don't even think about it anymore. During these five weeks, I had one roll up. No sooner had I finished it, I felt nauseous. It was disgusting. No need to do that again! One session with Elaine enabled me to do this, and I can't thank her enough. This is a powerful, no-nonsense approach to changing areas of your life when you are ready."
41yr old woman, smoking addiction

"Elaine is amazing and has a great heart. She is warm and welcoming and has some great healing tools and techniques. I have enjoyed working with her and she has helped me a lot in a short time."

29yr old man, anxiety

"After suffering for as long as I can remember with a fear of heights which stopped me, according to friends enjoying fantastic sights and stunning views I decided to do something about it. I had one treatment session with Elaine after which I had no idea whether it would work or not.

On returning to Italy I went to a high mountain built castle at which previously I had not been able to step out onto a safe platform that looked over the local village. I achieved my goal of reaching the edge and looked over without the original feelings. I then climbed higher and went to the very top which I would not have done without the treatment. I have since been even higher into the mountains and looked over into valleys and at stunning views. Yes, my friends were right. I had missed out. Thank you Elaine, life is so much nicer now."

59yr old man, Fear of Heights


"Elaine has the most wonderful way of putting you at ease. Her incredible, sincere warmth is immensely encouraging when you're
 sharing very personal, difficult issues. My sessions with this
 technique have enabled me to process old events which were
 having a negative effect on my current thinking and way of relating 
to certain people in my life. I can't thank her enough. After a few 
weeks, the events which had been troubling me seemed somehow
 ‘lighter’ and much more manageable. Getting a positive
 perspective on this has been a life changer! Thank you so much."

46yr old woman, trauma and anxiety

"Elaine worked with me after speaking with her about the anxiety and brain fog I had been experiencing following a breakdown the previous year. I was beginning to experience significant death anxiety, which was beginning to encroach upon my daily life.

Elaine did two thorough and brilliant sessions with me, during which she
helped me to ‘rewind’. After the first session I noticed a subtle difference in my anxiety level and after the second time I noticed a profound change in my anxiety levels. The death anxiety also diminished significantly. Elaine is a very compassionate and gifted therapist. She clearly explained to me what was happening in my brain to cause fog and the anxiety, and she adeptly worked with me to give me tricks and tools to move beyond the anxious place I felt stuck in. I would recommend Elaine to anyone who has suffered from depression or mental health challenges. She brings to her work an incredible amount of experience, insight and understanding, thus Elaine’s sessions have a depth and sensitivity about them. Thank you Elaine!"

41yr old woman, trauma and anxiety

Elaine's help has been invaluable to the healing of my physical,
 emotional and mental health over the past year. I was experiencing anxiety in all aspects of my life, which is now gone. She has helped me resolve several past traumas that had affected me for many years. To be free of these has meant I can finally move forward in my life and emerge and accept my own happiness. I have recommended Elaine to several people and she’s also helped enable their healing. I’m so grateful to her and wholeheartedly recommend Elaine to anyone who is suffering with
the pain of trauma and anxiety."
58yr old woman, trauma, anxiety and depression

Her mother said: "Congratulations Elaine! Not only did she smash her 1.41m high jump nemesis with intent, she managed 2 personal bests on top. She cleared 1.47m. Almost got 1.50m - she was jumping like she meant it! But she’s one happy girl. In the competition - which was a 6 event hexathlon over 2 days - national championship - she came a brilliant 8th out of 39 girls overall - phew! Thank you!"
Track Athlete, 14 yrs old, with a block on high jump


Elaine helped me during a difficult court attendance. She was a fantastic calm influence, helping me to focus on breathing and creating a positive outlook. I went to court feeling positive, confident and calm - something which I never thought would have been possible. Thank you Elaine.

51yr old woman, confidence building

It's been great meeting Elaine - and thank you for your time,
thoughtfulness and guidance. It's all been really helpful in
breaking some deadlock. I'm still not quite sure where I'm going
 with it all yet but I can definitely see some change is required...
52yr old man, depression

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